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~ Thursday, June 26 ~

America is opportunity

But it’s saturated with Dealers.

Identify those who use substances to habituate you to their product. Avoid those poisons, they drain your autonomy.

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Bulletproof Coffee - Compact Travel Kit.

If you’re into BPC, you know it works very well to provide energy in conjunction with an overall shift in diet away from processed industrial foods towards whole plant foods, proteins, and healthy fats. I’ve lost 29 pounds in 2 months and gained 10 lbs of muscle with minimal shift in my activity level, and am still seeing gains.

Point is, it’s something I can’t afford to give up when I’m traveling for business.

I just tried out this compact solution and am very satisfied. The Aeropress makes a double espresso quickly and efficiently. Add a tablespoon each of Grassfed butter and MCT Oil and let the Aerolatte froth it up! Then I top off with hot water to lengthen it all out just a little (I’ll probably be making them a little shorter next time.) 

It’s not glamorous, but it’s fucking delicious. And the gear doesn’t take up valuable space, and isn’t vulnerable to breaking or prone to setting off bored TSA inspectors.

If you don’t now anything about this, there is info here:

Sharing a tool I’ve used to both alter my metabolism and learn how to modify the excellence my body can manifest.

Think beyond the aesthetic.

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~ Wednesday, June 25 ~

Know Your Enemy

At this point, the Body is a turf war. 

Shit isn’t Happening to us,
it’s being Done to us.

It’s time to educate ourselves.
It’s time to train for excellence. 

Extract from the cycle.

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~ Thursday, June 12 ~


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~ Saturday, June 7 ~

"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well." — Brian Reed


"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well." — Brian Reed

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~ Sunday, June 1 ~
Taking time off of jewelry making for a while to put in some more with the family. If inspiration strikes, I’ll share it here. Take care y’all.

Taking time off of jewelry making for a while to put in some more with the family. If inspiration strikes, I’ll share it here. Take care y’all.

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~ Sunday, May 11 ~
Vortex plugs in 1 inch.

Vortex plugs in 1 inch.

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Sunrise plugs in 7/8ths

Sunrise plugs in 7/8ths

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~ Sunday, May 4 ~

Anonymous said: Last night my friend and I had a long discussion that left me a bit sour. I am passionate about body modification and the culture that surrounds it; she is less than interested in it. She mentioned that she sees the entire concept as very vain, and that people should love their bodies just the way they are. She also said that people get modifications because they are insecure. I think that I argued her points pretty well, but I'd love to hear what you would have said in this situation, please.


We’ll does your friend have ear piercings? Does she dye her hair, paint her nails, wear make up, work out, shave? If so, then hey! You’ve got a friend who’s into body modification.

I believe it was Eric Sprauge (Lizardman) who said that body modification is a spectrum, some just choose to take it farther than others. Do I think that body modification is vain? It can be, but I don’t mind. Do I think that some people modify themselves because they are insecure? Sure, some do, some don’t. If a person is unhappy with what they’ve got, and commit to the pain, time, and money to become happy, that person should be applauded. But, these people also love themselves so much that they go through all of this to make themselves happy.

I modify myself because I’m not happy with what I see in the mirror. Through body modification I alter myself to get my reflection it’s smile back.

People saying that individuals should be happy with what they’ve got, in my opinion, is hypocritical. Everybody changes something about themselves to make themselves feel better about themselves.  I spend the money, I go through the pain, I commit my time and body to this. Fuck yes I’m proud of it.

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~ Friday, May 2 ~

liza-land said: So how exactly does this solar brand work? Do they take a flammable medium to make the design that is then traced by concentrated sunlight?

Andrew S. has done both of mine with a glass orb. He’s described it as drawing with the Sun. He traces the pattern onto the body first, then suspends the orb to bring the focal point of light to the skin. In about 1-2 seconds you can hear the skin vaporizing. There is nothing flammable added to the skin.

I trust Andrew. He is more in tune with the body than anyone I’ve met. I envy that. But more than anything I value the small eternity spent bathing in the Sun’s Glory.

This is a short video I posted a while ago:

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For those interested, here’s a Solar Brand after 2 months of healing.

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~ Wednesday, April 30 ~

"We investigate three dominant areas of transhumanism: super longevity, super intelligence and super wellbeing, and briefly cover the ideas of thinkers Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil and David Pearce.

PostHuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism is the first of our planned video series on transhumanism, titled PostHuman.

Official Website:

Written by: Peter Brietbart and Marco Vega
Animation & Design Lead: Many Artists Who Do One Thing
Animation Script: Mihai Badic and Peter Brietbart
Narrated by: Holly Hagan-Walker
Music and SFX: Steven Gamble
Design Assistant: Melita Pupsaite
Additional Animation: Nicholas Temple
Other Contributors: Callum Round, Asifuzzaman Ahmed, Steffan Dafydd, Ben Kokolas
Special Thanks: David Pearce, Dino Kazamia, Ana Sandoiu, Dave Gamble, Tom Davis, Aidan Walker, Hani Abusamra, Keita Lych”

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~ Tuesday, April 29 ~
Fear through Flesh
As Light through Glass

Fear through Flesh
As Light through Glass

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fuckyeahmodified said: I've seen a picture floating around of a pair of weights you made with cuttlebone texture, and I was wondering what material they are made out of?

Hey there! Sorry for the delayed response - They are made of Lead-Free Pewter purchased from the jewelry supplier Rio Grande. It’s basically 99.5% Tin.

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